Demo Submission

What is this label and what can I send?

Abandon, Eliminate & Destroy is a netlabel by Visitorkyu that wishes to release weird and fun musick on our little Bandcamp page, specifically we wish to release IDM/braindance, chiptune, glitch, acid, trip hop, ambient, footwork, drum n bass (+ jungle + drill n bass) and breakcore.

Abandon, Eliminate & Destroy will accept more experimental tunes of extreme genres (noise, musique concrète, plunderphonics etc.) and if you have anything of the extreme or experimental, feel free to send us a demo but be aware that it'll most likely be under more scrutiny than usual.


Minimum length a release can be is 2 minutes, we do not accept releases under 2 minutes.

Music cannot be outside of genres we've mentioned.


We do allow digital reissues of older releases but only if it's something legitemately unaccessable to the internet and/or is out of print.


We do not have an artist for the label so you'll either have to make your own artwork or contact an artist yourself (we'll credit them on your release page), also we require your artwork to be around 1400x1400 and under 10MB.


You will be able to decide whether you want your release to be for free or NYOP

If you want your release to be NYOP, you can decide whether you want the royalties for yourself or for the label, same goes for the artwork artist.

Important info when submitting:

You can send us a demo by clicking here.

Please provide a WeTransfer, Dropbox, MEGA or Mediafire link in your submission.

Please make sure that your submission's audio format is either WAV, AIFF or FLAC, we do not accept MP3 or any other type of audio format.

Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you!